Doota Mall, a shopping destination that symbolizes Dongdaemun, the center of K-fashion and culture!
Check out the diverse and attractive benefits from shopping to F&B services in Doota Mall!
  • For
    Foreigners (Tourist visa only) * Exception : Long-term stay foreigners (possession of work visa and alien registration card), Foreigners who have signed up for Doota Mall membership, etc.
  • Period
    ~ June 30, 2024
  • Benefit
    Doota coupon book exclusively for foreigners (including 26 benefits as below) * Presented once per person during the visit in Korea. * Cannot be duplicated with other promotions.
  • How to get
    Visit Information Desk (B2) > Check your passport > Present a coupon book
  • Benefit details of Doota Coupon Book
    * When purchasing in the store, you must present the relevant coupon for each brand. * Some items may be excluded from coupon use and available use 1 voucher per person. * Depending on the stock of the gift and the brand situation, it may be terminated or changed without prior notice.
  • Inquiry
    Information Desk(B2) +82-2-3398-3333
Category Location / Store Benefit
Welcome free gift Information Desk(B2) Luggage name tag * Available once per person during the visit in Korea. * First-come-first-served basis
Robot Café(3F) Free Americano
Purchase free gift Information Desk(B2) T-Money card KRW 5,000 * When purchasing more than KRW 50,000 on the same day with receipt date * First-come-first-served basis
F&B Food Atelier(B2) KRW 3,000 discount * When purchasing more than KRW 5,000 at a single store
Tap Shop Bar(B2) 10% discount on food
Jamba Juice (3F) 10% discount on Smoothie / Americano
A Twosome Place(4F) Free size-up on Coffee / Juice
Sports/Casual Nike(1F) 10% discount
Under Armour(1F) 10% discount
Fila(B1) 10% discount
New Era(B1) 10% discount
Evisu(B1) 1 pair of socks gift * When purchasing more than KRW 100,000
The Madness(B1) ① 5% discount on Character goods
② Free gift * When purchasing customized shoes
Women's fashion Happy Woman(2F) 10% discount
DT275(3F) ① KRW 5,000 discount on DIY eco-bag / T-shirt
② KRW 5,000 discount on Eco-friendly products * When purchasing over KRW 10,000
&Soyou(3F) ① 10% discount
② T-shirt gift * When purchasing over KRW 200,000
Delight 21(3F) 10% discount
Refurb Stock(B1) PopSocket or Socks / T-shirt * When purchasing more than KRW 100,000 / 200,000 each
Kids Style Kids & Mom(3F) 10% discount
Living/Miscellaneous Cheonggyecheon Store(5F) 10% discount * When purchasing more than 2 pieces of character toy
Living Creator(5F) 10% discount on mart products
Eyewear Face Eyewear(B2) 10% discount
Africa Eyewear(B2) 10% discount
Seojeon Eyewear(3F) 10% discount
Souvenir Arirang (4F) KRW 3,000 discount * When purchasing more than KRW 10,000